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Re: Where are all the scouts?

No schedule out yet and last website update was a long time ago....I think my son's season schedule is enough for me to believe they are in the league....unless of course playing the Jr Sabres, Jr Flyers, Barons and Penguins means nothing....
I think you've been misinformed. Not surprising if RL is your coach.

The 2017/18 showcase schedules are up on the website. None of the ones the East Division are playing in show the 95 Giants.

My guess is someone had a scheduling conflict, so to round out the weekend they are having your kid's team serve as practice dummies.

Or, Lovell convinced those teams to play non-league games to pad their MHR.

But, good luck to your kid, tell him to backcheck hard and maintain his gaps!

Re: Where are all the scouts?

95 Giants are now in T1EHL....and yes, RL is a total tool....wanna be scout/recruiter vs developer of talent...

Most of the coaches at 95Gs are tools. They are generally shade tree mechanics or wanna bes who never got any PT back in the day.