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Re: Mount St Charles

How would that help? They play soft terrible competition.

They can play whoever they want to schedule. There are plenty of independents. Some good, some not so much. What I suspect will change is more programs tied to schools. Win - Win

How would it help? The competition can't be any worse than it is now. They need to do something to revive it. Moving away from the RIIL would be a step in the right direction. Having the freedom to make your own schedule would be a step in the right direction.
Also, it would take a few years to rebuild. Starting with a weak schedule with the intention of building a stronger schedule would be a good thing. They would need to recruit to rebuild and they would have to start like the preps do now by recruiting the top bantams and repeat freshmen

Re: Mount St Charles

Belisles are a thing of the past

Re: Mount St Charles

The issue is not solely MSC. The bigger issue is the RIIL. Unfortunately, the league still thinks that it's the 1980's or 1990''s and run it as such. There are too many better options today for kids who desire to play the game after high school. School pride is not enough. I do NOT believe that the league or the schools do enough to help these kids get to the next level. Are they helping the kid PG a year, helping him get into juniors or promoting them to colleges (d1 and d3)? I don't believe that they are and haven't done so for a long time. In the 80's and 90's the stands were full of college coaches and NHL scouts. Today nobody shows up and it's a shame. The prep rosters are filled with kids who should be playing RI hockey. Off the top of my head, I can think of 2 dozen. That's 8 players for MSC, Lasalle, and Hendricken. That would make a huge difference in quality of play. Bottom line is that the kids who want to play at the next level are leaving by the bus load.

What is the answer? I don't know but the threat to high school hockey is real and it is hitting MASSACHUSETTS too. Kids are opting for prep schools. Catholic conference teams sometimes are kids second choice if they dont get into a prep.

Some ideas :
Allow private schools to recruit and keep talent in state even if you have to create their own league
Extend schedule
Allow coaches to coach at captains practice in the fall maybe once a week
Extend length of periods to keep more kids involved
Promote tournaments and championships to try and draw college coaches
Most importantly promote and allow access to kids to preps as PGs, junior teams, and colleges Absolutely no closed door practices to these people

In my opinion, high school hockey is in deep trouble. If nothing is done and some changes are not done then high school hockey will become a thing of the past

Perhaps they should follow the lead as some of the independent Preps have done and run their hockey programs desperate from school. Rice Prep in VT, although not great plays an independent schedule. Billet kids from outside of the area to help round out the team's. Play in some of the showcase leagues and brainstorm as an independent. 50-60 game season beginning in September.

That has been thought of as well. But the mighty RIIL has threatened to block the rest of Mt. St Charles athletic programs from RIIL competition.
So if they left RIIL, which they should, they would have to find homes for their entire stable of athletic teams.
RIIL is more of a hindrance than a help to RI athletes in all sports. They have been for decades now. They are too busy patting each other on the back, moving to fancier headquarters and collecting extra checks to really worry about the athlete.
So the athletes have been smartening up for decades as well and leaving behind the small mindedness of this group. For hockey, that is the prep and junior route. High school hockey in RI will be completely gone before they wake up.
RIIL needed to wake up and smell the coffee years ago. Hasn't happened yet, no one should hold their breath waiting.

Re: Mount St Charles

I just learned something. I didn't realize Rhode Island still had high school hockey at all? Thanks.

Another way to increase competition in Said high school league would be to have them play in the Bantam minor black division of the fed?

Re: Mount St Charles

So why are they so bad? Maybe this will help you. I have a son that is a 2002. Was asked to go there by the king of politics himself. Not only is the school not great academically however why on earth would I send my kid to a school where the coach has a kid at the school? Especially a tiny little midget who is not good at all and should probably never be on varsity let alone as a sophomore this coming season. The same story playing out as the older boy. Both are terrible but daddy make sure they play.

It is is a family operation and good players don't want to play in a situation like that. This type of behavior by them has cost them their program. It's a shame the school keeps them around. Time to move on folks. They are a thing of the past.

Re: Mount St Charles

So what on earth happened to this program? Absolutely terrible talent coming in and anyone good left

Tell me where you would want to show up for high school if you wanted serious hockey? MSC or St. George's/Tabor/Pomfret/Nobles/Roxbury Latin/Groton/St. Sebs/St. Paul's/Belmont Hill et al. Just go to the websites of those schools and compare to MSC.

One place is trying to grow by adding 5th and 6th grade and the other places are raising private donations to open performing arts complexes and bio sciences labs. A good number of these preps have their own school sailboats never mind better rinks on campus.

MSC is a buggy whip maker in a Model T world. All nostalgia at this point.