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Re: ECC Labor Day tournament

It would be terrible if the kids move the puck and played good, unselfish hockey as a team, and supported each other while developing and having fun. Let's make sure we ruin it for them by telling them they are failures because of what league they play in. Let's also make sure we tell the kids on their lower-level teams in the programs that they don't have a future in the sport and they shouldn't play it at all because they're not on the elite team.

Here's some key stats. One, maybe two kids out of both teams will play college hockey. 50% or more will end up in men's B league or lower.

You're obviously the guy that checks out the guy next to you at the urinal to see just how much bigger he actually is than you.

Enjoy the game.

Re: ECC Labor Day tournament

It is disgraceful watching them charge grandparents and parents alike. If these greedy *******s were in Houston right now they would be charging $10 for a bottle of water.