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Re: Midget Beast Tournament Series

The Beast series was rolled into the ECC Labor day so if the Eagles played Yale it counted as one of the series game. Same thing with the E9 Prep series. Rifles played NV River rats. counted as an E9 game. Tough to call either a legit league but more a partnership among teams so they can pick and choose who to play under some type of structured format. If anything it left the Mass Select league searching for games.
It sounds like you are still operating under the impression that league matters. That stops at Bantam Minor.

What Beast and E9 Prep are selling is exposure. The more talent on the ice in any one game, the more scouts are likely to be there.

League. Doesn't. Matter.
League doesn't matter at any level.

Exactly and hockey doesn't matter until the checking starts. So leagues don't matter but checking does. Those who aren't culled out and segregated in leagues from age 2-17 skate around at stick time and learn to skate. Then someone mysteriously yells "start hitting!" and all of a sudden the kids in the elite leagues disappear and this new class of behemoth takes over and the coaches and scouts start handing them scholarships an offers. 17 year old House League players blossom into the next great ones. Its amazing, no lie.