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Re: 1/2 Season Daddy Coaches

a$$ clown
daddy coach advocate
waa waa waa need a tissue?, if your kid was any good he would have made the non daddy coached team!! how about this next year since you know so much, get off you fat devildog eating ass and try to coach a team at the midget level. give the guy a break he's out trying to coach a team with your whiny ass on it. simple solution don't take the spot or don't tryout for a daddy coached team( some coaches are actually very good)
And next year have junior play Martian or valley league. they all end up in the beer league anyway. Jackarss

wait for it...wait... You have been a$$ clowned

Devildogs?I used to love those things! Do they still make those?? What I would really love to see is a variety pack of Devildogs, Twinkies and Yoddles! How cool would that be! To the OP. U14 is a tough year all around. Kids scatter between half stocked full season teams and newly formed half season teams, and the coaching tends to get a little thin because of it. (Just a guess, but the angry guy above was probably a hang on assistant for years that ended up the head guy this year because of the split.) But don't worry, by U16 things usually have sorted themselves out. Lots of hopes and dreams have been crushed by then, and those that can hang at the high school/prep levels play some pretty solid fall hockey in preparation for the upcoming high school season...and it really is a good preparation for Mr Jackarss' beer league so he's not all wrong. Think about it though...a Devildogs, Twinkie and Yodels variety pack!! We could all relive our childhoods eating that sugary wholesome goodness instead of driving our freakin kids around New England and beyond and telling everyone how good they are...and even more importantly, telling everyone how good we were back in the day. Devildogs Rule!!

Re: 1/2 Season Daddy Coaches

Pretty funny. Boy the previous guy seems like an angry daddy Coach. 99% chance his kid is one of the worst ones on the team. This daddy should save the preaching about dedicating his time because his kid plays on the team for free and probably would not be able to make a club team without daddy coaching. It's really sad has some Daddys can't let it go and make it about the boys when they get older. It's very simple, at u14 and above no parent should be behind the bench.