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Re: 1st full week EHF only

You MIGHT BE correct jerk off but live in the now. Some of us have 10-04 playing and its a lot of FUN. Get It FUN. This is a youth board post so spare me the when the hitting starts crap. Keep telling yourself that your kid played E9 or town just to build him up for HS or higher matters. I started this thread stating that E9 or town "NEED NOT REPLY" but you couldn't control yourself. So, that being said. Let's hear from EHF ELITE OR TIER 1 (WHATEVER COLOR) ONLY. Thank You. Oh and bye the way HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!!!!

BTW, my kid played NEHL (old E9), and now he plays for a perennial Hockey East Power, how do you like me now! And thanks for buying a ticket to his game and contributing to his scholarship!

freakin double a$$ clown going on

Re: 1st full week EHF only

1st full week EHF only lets hear it. Who disappointed, Who surprised and Who should be mentioned? Please no E9 or town comments, get your own board. Yes, this is a trolling thread to get the puck rolling.

Get back to the youth board and keep this crap off the high school/prep board. And if you did actually mean to elicit comments about EHF half season, then you may be the biggest tool ever to grace the board.