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X in trouble again???

Lost a few of their top players to USPHL teams. Zero talent coming up from the younger ranks. Change s eminent?

Re: X in trouble again???

So, you feel there is a chance that the state will take over the private school for public use?

Re: X in trouble again???

Was at the rink this weekend and overheard a parent saying her kid was being recruited by a private school. She then said it was Xaverian. They live in a strong D1 town. The irony is that he can't make his local high school team but yet he has a shot at X. Yeah, I think it's time for a change. The underclassmen they have coming up would struggle to compete against D2 schools.

Re: X in trouble again???

The X coach is a solid guy trying to do the right thing for kids as a high school coach. They will be competitive this season like they always are.

Whoever starts this thread every few months should disclose what the ax is that you have to grind or just stop.