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Re: Mount St Charles

So why are they so bad? Maybe this will help you. I have a son that is a 2002. Was asked to go there by the king of politics himself. Not only is the school not great academically however why on earth would I send my kid to a school where the coach has a kid at the school? Especially a tiny little midget who is not good at all and should probably never be on varsity let alone as a sophomore this coming season. The same story playing out as the older boy. Both are terrible but daddy make sure they play.

It is is a family operation and good players don't want to play in a situation like that. This type of behavior by them has cost them their program. It's a shame the school keeps them around. Time to move on folks. They are a thing of the past.

Re: Mount St Charles

So what on earth happened to this program? Absolutely terrible talent coming in and anyone good left

Tell me where you would want to show up for high school if you wanted serious hockey? MSC or St. George's/Tabor/Pomfret/Nobles/Roxbury Latin/Groton/St. Sebs/St. Paul's/Belmont Hill et al. Just go to the websites of those schools and compare to MSC.

One place is trying to grow by adding 5th and 6th grade and the other places are raising private donations to open performing arts complexes and bio sciences labs. A good number of these preps have their own school sailboats never mind better rinks on campus.

MSC is a buggy whip maker in a Model T world. All nostalgia at this point.