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Re: EHF/E9 rules

I know that a fully rooster E9 player can play fed as an alternate but can the reverse work? Can a fed rooster play E9 as a alternate? What I can see on the fed website is that town/school are exempt. Is this possible and does anyone know of a player that has? Not trying to start a fed/E9 debate, just trying to get my kid playing as much as possible. It is his passion and I would like to support it. Thank You.

1. There is no "debate" FED/e9
2. I think this post was created on a farm
3. If you want hockey to remain little benders passion stick with 1 team

Re: EHF/E9 rules

Old McDonald had a farm, and on his farm he had a rooster full of benders.

Re: EHF/E9 rules

Just do it

Re: EHF/E9 rules

Sorry yr kid wasn't cut but way too over his head in the A leagues. Better off your C player in E9 BHL. Go back to the Valley, IMO.