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What is it with these people and Tier 2 Tier 3? Who cares what tier it is. USHL is the Gold standard, now more than ever. NAHL, BCHL and a handful of other Canadian leagues are next. The USPHL top league was next before it became free. Now they have taken in a few EHL teams and the top division is free and now even better. Likely the NCDC will continue improving on prior years products. Seems like common sense. Where does it go from there? Will have to wait in see. My guess is the top 4 or 5 teams could easily compete in any league outside of USHL, will continue up, while most other teams will draft behind and slowly rise. In a few years should be pretty good / comparable to a Tier 2 League.

Most every D1 team in the northeast has a few former USPHL players on their rosters. Outside of a 6'8" third goalie the NA3HL has zero. That is 0.001. To say that NA3HL is better than USPHL /NCDC is comical and likely just coming from NCDC SUX 2.0 pot stirrer guy.

You make an excellent point.

"In a few years" maybe NCDC will be a better product. Doubtful it lasts that long because there is no real value proposition for the NCDC. But for the sake of argument, why is NCDC claiming to be tier 2 NOW?

Why doesn't NCDC wait a few years and IF, and only if, (a) it still exists; AND (b) it has genuinely improved to something comparable to tier 2, THEN, and only then, call it tier 2.

USHL is the gold standard (tier 1) and most NAHL teams (tier 2) have affiliations with USHL teams.

Why. Do. You. Care?

There is absolutely zero downside to you or your kid that Gallant and the USPHL have decided to go this route. NCDC v1.0 says it waters Tier 2 down. That isn't a bad thing to any dad, since if your kid has game he should be able to be more dominant.

Junior Hockey News recognizes them as Tier 2. In fact, four of the 11 NCDC teams are in their Top 20. Only five of the 23 NAHL teams are. By that standard one could very legitimately claim the NCDC has already moved ahead of the NAHL, in terms of quality of play night in and night out.

And, Elite Prospects has no problem with recognizing them as Tier 2. Because they understand it doesn't ****ing matter.

But, NCDC Sux, whether v1.0 or v2.0 knows better.

Junior Hockey News doesn't commit players. It sells advertising. Elite prospects merely repeats what it is told.

If labels don't matter, why was NCDC so hell bent on being called Tier 2?

What matters is D1 commits. Most NCDC teams don't have many, if any. Are NCDC players good and no body knows it? Is NCDC just ineffective at getting good players committed? What is the value in that?

Labels do matter. If you payed for 10 gallons of 94 octane at the gas pump only to find out later you actually got 3 gallons of 86 octane, you would be first to scream, and for good reason.
Unless you're the one buying the gas, Why. Do. You. Care?

My kid is playing USPHL Elite. He's young, still growing. I am very happy with the program. I still think the NAHL is a superior product. But I have zero reason to hate on NCDC. May he'll play there, maybe he won't. It's nice to have a choice.


"The NAHL is a superior product."

In a nutshell, that's what I'm talking about.