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Re: New England Generals NAHL - Best Record in the League

Not complicating it and no one thinks there is a way for a junior team to make it in the northeast based upon ticket sales. Not with NHL/AHL/NCAA saturating the area. The NAHL team will be funded by USAH and kept around to weaken the Junior leagues who have traditionally been a pain in the ass to USAH. It's about control and if your not goingto threaten and not kiss the USAH ring, then they are going to come after you.

Got to hand it to USAH and NAHL. Brilliant move to place an NAHL team in the heart of New England. And probably still room yet for two maybe three more NA teams in New England. NA wants to be poised to cherry pick local talent to supplement core players from midwest and central US. It's all about control for sure. USHA has NCDC where it wants them - withering on the vine.

You gotta think a couple of teams in Northern New England - (Portland or Lewiston Maine, Manchester, NH, Burlington, VT or up state NY or Albany might work. I do hope NCDC does have success too. Used to be because I want to see Jr Hockey succeed around here. Now it has more to do with discouraging NCDC Sux guy from coming on here anymore!