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Is there a point in here somewhere? From what you posted, 9 years ago he got in trouble with school officials, probably because some helicopter parent complained about some drill he ran?

Not sure what that has to do with the OP's question.


What would concern me more about putting my kid in his hands would be his coaching ability, as the fact remains, 9years + later he is still working towards the goal of being a college coach. If he really had the connections needed in this sport to get ahead, he'd at least be an assistant coach by now somewhere working his way towards Head coaching.


OP asked for info on CHC. Info was provided, take from it what you want.


Take it for what it is worth (nothing as I am posting anonymously on the dboard) but stay far away from the Coach. Don't want to slander, or whatever but a lot of rumors of inappropriate behavior around the locker room in regards to this guy and the kids. It is only rumors of course but I would not let my kid skate there. I don't want my kid to be the one to find out the rumors are true.