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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Question on High School, Prep vs. U18AAA levels

\"I\'d say top 10 Prep and top 10 T1EHL would be pretty close games.\" You are crazy. A top U-16 T1EHL team would smoke almost every prep team and give the top few a game....and that includes their 19 year old repeaters.

So how is it a handful of prep kids end-up in the USHL and about a third of every T1 team ends up there?

Prep hockey isn\'t all that.
Sorry, I disagree. My kid played in the league as a U16. The talent is absolutely there, but you're still talking about 16 year olds playing against 15 - 20 year olds. The prep game is much "heavier" than T1EHL, which is more about speed and skill.
Most U15 and U16 stars come to prep never having played anyone older than them and struggle to do much at all. Many, especially if on an older team, see much less ice than they expected and aren't on special teams. If you haven't played against older kids before you get to prep it will be an eye-opener.