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Re: High School User Fees Boys/Girls

We just had our richest school district get fined big time for having turf field (game and practice), field house with locker rooms and showers, batting cages and their own training room for Boys Baseball...and girls softball, who also happened to be DI State Champs 3 years running, not only don't have any of that, but they are not even allowed to use it. Yah, that didn't end well for that High School. Needless to say, by the time spring rolls around here the girls will have their own turf softball field and will have their own field house with their own locker rooms.
I hope they invested the girls portion of the money into extra English courses for the kids. Based on your shining example it's money that's better spent off the field and in the classroom.

Re: High School User Fees Boys/Girls

I'm just curious and asking if it matters if the sport is school funded or non funded before it comes into the eyesight of Title IX compliance?

If the school is not funding the program and the "Fee" is being collected outside the school administration (boosters), is that a Title IX issue?

I don't know, I'm just asking the question..