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Re: 95 Giants Full Season

You clearly an idiot if you would go by a Lovell website. Same issue at Advantage last year for 15’s and 16’s. Week to week schedule changes, poor communication. If you are looking for strong administrators they are not the program for you. If you’re looking for four hours of practice ice each week and a crapload of games each year then they’re a good fit. Per MHR both 15th and 18th have played close to 50 games already. Kings have kids that didn’t make Giants and probably the other way around as well. And leagues mean nothing. USPHL has some power houses and some dreadful teams. Even split. Per MHR both giants teams have beaten USPHL teams this year.

I don’t know him personally however sorry this RL guy cut your kid.
Well, you can consider me an idiot if you'd like, doesn't bother me because I don't respect your opinions, which are clearly characterized by some type of bias even though you claim to have no personal experience (yet, you seem to know an awful lot about the team).

But I do know that 25+11 isn't anywhere close to 50.

Even without a calculator.