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Re: Spyponders 1 / Harbormen 1

I guess those who don’t mind paying for hockey by going to a C.C. school they are the same people who don’t mind paying for a full season team. The growth of full season might give the publics some breathing room in high school hockey

Re: Spyponders 1 / Harbormen 1


Re: Spyponders 1 / Harbormen 1

I think the point being is it was once a mismatch of catholic schools who went out and built little regional all-star teams through recruiting and offering cut-rate school tuition to good players. Many of those 'good players' have left and moved onto prep and full season teams where as the kids from one ZIP Code now have a more level playing field. Publics can't recruit and now the power for the Catholics to recruit is getting diminished.

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