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Re: Waltham 1 - Central Catholic 0

Maybe the Waltham goalie can make the jump to prep like the Walpole goalie if last year....
Thanks Goalie Dad...I doubt it....He got lucky...He didn't:smirk: :smirk: win the game...CC lost the game...Plain and Simple...
Yeah the locals still talk about the Patriots last two Super Bowl ‘wins’ when it was really the other two teams giving the game to them too.

Re: Waltham 1 - Central Catholic 0

The CC goalie does not perform well in tight or big games. He allows soft goals just like the one Arlington scored from behind the net at the Garden in the Super 8 finals last season. He is over-rated even the breakaway last night, a big time goalie makes that stop and engergizes the team instead he was lazy with the glove and everyone quit in the last 8 minutes.
Hard to blame the goalie in a 1-0 loss!

I haven't seen the CC goalie for awhile now but he is very good. Bad goals, soft goals happen. Sneaky goals, pucks with eyes happen. Sounds like he has been very dependable all year and. Perhaps the ice has been tilited in CC's favor but still has given his team a chance every game.