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Re: Mass Shriners 2018 Hockey game March 31st

Oh those coaches will name their little favorite players and they will be there. One of those teams mentioned had a senior a few years ago who most people thought was the best defensemen to ever go through their program and he got stiffed by the coaches. Total stand-up kid too. It never changes:zipper_mouth_face:
maybe or maybe that player was not interested in playing a game weeks after his last skate or didn't want to conflict with his spring sport. sometimes the powers to be will ask a team to supply their 'best forward' rather than their 'best player'. otherwise some years you might end up with x goalies (x being 10 or 0).

Re: Mass Shriners 2018 Hockey game March 31st

Well at least they do not call ithis game an all star game anymore...Tough to find an all-star boys or girl in this game. After all the preps and jr players ahead of theses benders its the best of the worst in this game, as well as any that waste there time at the Garden playing on the Sunday in mid March.. Please calling them state champs is just embarassing

Re: Mass Shriners 2018 Hockey game March 31st

When a school group of kids from a single zip code beat the other kids in the state from a single zip code then they are ‘state champs.’ When a group of kids from 6 states, three countries speaking two languages win, it’s a ‘recruiting championship.’