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Re: HS Playoff Picture?

When does the season end and they announce the teams? Do they not announce the D1 games until the Super 8 play in or does the losing team just get a D1 bye?

I would assume the D1 tourny starts 3/2, right?

Yup my kid is at a public HS...

Re: HS Playoff Picture?

Let me take a stab at it.

Teams with a better than .500 (or more than 50% of the available points actually) record qualify for some post season play in their respective division - so they know when they make it or not.

The 10 teams selected for the Super 8 are selected in a dark room with no windows in the basement of the MIAA HQ. Brilliant local hockey minds vote to assemble the 10 teams who make the tourny. The bottom 4 teams, 7-10 play a 'play-in game' to narrow the field to 8. The play-in losers drop down to their respective D-1 tournaments in the North of the South (and traditionally they proceed to win a game or two and flame-out never making it to The Garden).

The 8 remaining teams play best two out of three format to continue to the championship game.

For specific dates look at the lackluster MIAA website under 'hockey.'