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Re: Midgets EHF/Selects League

I’m assuming this is what you mean.
NEFPHL has nothing to do with E9. Its a preseason intramural sort of league for prep school kids.
That sucks now. Used to be good.
Lol! Well please enlighten us, thou keepers of Midget Prep Hockey Knowledge and Superiority, where would you suggest the OP’s son play some solid prep hockey next fall and how does he get a look.
The Beast teams and any of the teams that did well in the State Championships at the age level he's interested in. These are the teams that "load up" with top Prep players for their Fall teams.

If he's a recruited player his coach has probably already told him where to play.

If he's not, then it really doesn't matter, now does it?
I love me some Beast teams. I hear every kid playing for these Beast teams is 6-4, 250, can skate like the wind and have to shave their bodies once a week. To the OP. The EHF/Mass Selects U16-U18 now combined and should be solid. E9 Midget going into 2nd year and should be solid as well. All tryouts are teams based so check on line. NEFPHl was historically a step up. Teams made up mostly of prep school kids with an MIAA base team of top Catholic School kids and one for top Public kids thrown in the mix. There is a tryout for this league but a lot of teams already pretty much hand picked. There are a few teams that venture out on their own and try an load up on talent play their own schedule. As the above poster says, those teams will find you thru either talent or connections to coach.