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Re: MIAA Division 1 Tourney

The MIAA should be more involved with the hockey game and have goal judges, rather than have 30 MIAA personnel worrying about 8 dollars at the door.
Dont forget miaa is focused on cracking down on the big live barn. Make sure nobody skips a gate fee and watches a high school game for free. Including a parent traveling on business.

Re: MIAA Division 1 Tourney

CMass D3 semis last night had 2 refs, 1 linesman and goal judges.

Re: MIAA Division 1 Tourney

I was the OP. Happy for Hingham beating CC. Looks like the divide between some publics and catholics is really getting smaller. Is it worth spending the $15-$20k for the catholics just for hockey? Maybe, depending on what town you are from...

Have the catholics gotten lazy or complacent recruiting?

Re: MIAA Division 1 Tourney

I always thought it would go the other way but I was wrong. The families who put up the cash for hockey are now putting up the cash elsewhere - full season or prep. It was never about education as these schools are not that competitive academically so given the choice the CC schools are the odd ones out. Just a couple years ago I thought they would out-recruit publics by offering free or discounted tuition and win everything, but I was wrong. They might still win but it’s getting more even.