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Re: U16 daddy coach

Serious question for u16/u18 daddy coaches. Why? Honestly. Why? Isn't it time for your little guy to take direction from someone else.

Same question for people who let their kids play for daddy coaches at this age. Why? Do you really think your kid will get better and this is actually good for them?

Move on daddy. Your kid's youth hockey career is over and it's grow up time. Time for the little bender to make his own team, on his own now.
This is pathetic...his Little bender is probably 4 feet tall and weighs 105 lbs...would never sniff a U16 team if daddy wasn't the coach...Ill bet he still wanders into dads bedroom at night to fall asleep...the swim team is calling for you...little midget...:laughing: :laughing: :swimmer: :swimmer:

Re: U16 daddy coach

A lot of the same daddy coaches are buddies with the local high school coaches. They take their kids friends and pre-select the 1/2 season teams. It parlays to the high school team where their benders who ride pine for their crappy high school but yet somehow made a 1/2 season team. It’s a sad world in Massachusetts midget hockey

Re: U16 daddy coach

Been asked back to same daddy coach team. Guy is nice but not great hockey. How much will it really hurt my kid if he stays? Heard different opinions. It’s u16 so I am concerned that the level of play may hurt him for his varsity tryouts.