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Re: Woburn Last Night

Maybe she should follow her own words with "losing gracefully and how to exhibit true sportsmanship." and influencing her girls. You don't want to "pass along" your real sore loser values displayed in Woburn. Below is an excerpt from the Lowell Sun interview when SW was hired by AP...

"I want to make this program one of the top programs in the state," Wood said about Austin Prep's varsity team. "I'm a very driven and competitive person and I want this program to be the best."

Wood said there is more to coaching hockey than teaching skills. The sport teaches you how to be a competitor, how to both win and lose gracefully, and how to exhibit true sportsmanship. These are lessons she hopes to pass along to the young Cougar team.

"Hockey has been a huge part of my life since age 5," she said. "When I was young, I didn't realize how much hockey would influence my life skills down the road. Now as a coach, I hope to pass along these same values to my upcoming young players.

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Re: Woburn Last Night

I stood on the glass near a group of Islander and Austin Prep parents. Lets just say no one was impressed with the scene the head coach was causing. Her initial flip out came with plenty of time left on the clock but all her players were staring at her screaming and throwing a marker onto the ice after the goal. Very disappointing to see from an adult in that situation. If you want to take a look go to Woburn public access tv as they video taped the game.