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Re: Dennehy out at Merrimack!

What a shame. He did a great job with the tools he had. Rink/facilities and school are not good enough to draw Blue Chip players that are looking at BC, BU, UNH, Northeastern, etc....The top players are getting offers from all of those schools....why would you pick Merrimack if you had a choice? Good luck to MD, he will land on his feet and in a better situation. Give the guy a good quality school/degree and great hockey facilities and watch him take off. Good Luck!
Pro-MD guy but hate this argument. They won at Union which is smaller and arguably worse facility. Who is #1 in the country? Not BC, BU, UNH, Northeastern, etc its St. Cloud. Their facility not much different than lawler. They win without \\\"blue chips\\\".
ECAC night in and night out is not Hockey East.
lol you do know they both have the same # of teams in the top 10. If you don't think ecac as good if not better than HE you don't know college hockey....
Top to Bottom HE is a much better league. That is a consensus. On any given night any ECAC team can beat any HE team for sure. HE is a grind!! Never a night off.