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Re: Honest advice - go the prep route

At the rate all of this this is going, you will have 26 and 27 year old college graduates (hopefully they graduate). All for the sole purpose of maybe playing some college hockey? Does not seem to make sense to me, but it seems like a lot of BS and a ton of money to prolong the need to get to work and live your life at some point...I\\\\\\\'m not sending my kids away to prep school at 14 or 15 years old. I like being around my kids. We have provided them a nice home, they go to great public schools, and we eat dinner together every night. They will be on their own soon enough. If they are exceptional at sports, they will get noticed....if they are good in school they can go to a great college from their HS. It\\\\\\\'s really not more difficult than that...All this other stuff, no thanks
This is exactly why the ACHA is taking off and the level of play has picked-up. Some kids don\\\'t want to hang around and play in front of 35 \\\'fans\\\' for four years just so they can say \\\"I played college hockey.\\\" And for kids would know they will be going to grad school eventually (or more) the idea of showing up on college campus at 21 is just plain stoopid.

And for a parent with one of each my view is if the kid has the size, is a definite plus skater and can make an USHL or NAHL team then pursue it. If not, hit the books and get into the best school you can get into and pick it up as a hobby on the side and play ACHA.

I just shake my head when I see a marginal player prolong it for two years of juniors, go to a terrible school and take a cupcake major just so the kid can play D-3 hockey. Why bother with either one?
I agree with most of what you said except that a \"marginal kid\" is getting to play D3 hockey. It is real hard to play D3. You have to be really good.
Have you seen St. Mikes and Franklin Pierce lately....Not so much...
This guy was here a few months ago. His kid did not make a college line-up anywhere in the country, at any level.

So he sends his kid south (awesome) to play rec/club (awesome) to have a great time with his college buddies.

That should be the end of the story, but alas.... it is not.

Everyone has an axe to grind. I assume as he prepares to pay his college tuition, he realized he dropped a years worth on a failed youth hockey career. This guy is now back claiming club hockey is absolutely amazing hockey and they play in front of 5k-8k every night.

Despises DIII hockey because he probably thought that was his fall back. That clearly didn't pan out.

Sorry your kid got cut.

Re: Honest advice - go the prep route

Absolutely no BS - if you can find a way both academically and financially have your kid go the prep route. I dont want to hear all this jr hockey crap. Prep gives your kid the academic foundation and he will get seen and thats half the battle. Right now there are 115 kids playing prep with commitments. 1-1-5. In New England its the no brainer route to take. My advice - reach out to schools way ahead of time, go to open houses, go to events, email coach, talk to financial aid - find a way.
spend some time looking at college rosters. that 115 number is worthless. the reality is you need to play juniors. save your $.