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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: U15

Sticker price advertised is between 40-60k. If you live in a town with crappy schools then I guess I could understand . I can’t see paying 150k for a HS education and to have your gym teacher on the bench coaching . I will pass
Funny, my kid was working out at a local public HS track today and said \\"I would harm myself if I had to come to a school like this every day.\\" I asked why, he said it looked like a factory.

Last week he said our public HS looked like a prison when we had to be over there for Drivers Ed.

Both of these schools are considered strong academic schools with modern facilities.

The pluses of a Prep School education go way beyond hockey.

Oh, and they don\\'t have \\"gym class\\" at Prep schools, therefore no \\"gym teachers.\\" The hockey coaches are all very well paid - to coach hockey. And to teach the occasional class or work in some other support role. But they are hoickey coaches first and foremost.
nice to know the apple won't fall from from the tree when it comes to being pretentious and insufferable.
Grew up poor, now I'm not. This is better.

Sorry your portfolio got cut.
People like you put the 'D' in DBoard.

Re: U15

Thanks for your honesty...looking for 1/2 season anyway...