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Re: The Fortnite Problem

How many of you are watching your kid's independent off ice training go down the tubes because him/her are constantly playing Fortnite with their teammates. Look I don't mind when the little bender is home after a game icing the ankles and tosses on the headset to save the world from whatever the bad guy is in that game , but I have a new goal with no dents outside. Tell me I am not the only hockey parent seeing this demise. Also my kid is in the Fed and rumors are this game brought down the E9. Can we contain this?
Hockey season is over. Let the kid get away from hockey for a few too will pass.

Re: The Fortnite Problem

My kid gets teased because he's the worst video game player on his team. I wear that as a badge of honor. He also gets the best grades. Keep it out of the house!

Re: The Fortnite Problem

I must be the worst parent, no xbox or PlayStation in my crib, when my 06 was a little younger and I'd take the iPad away he'd get a little twitchy so I knew then that stuff would turn him into a zombie.

Re: The Fortnite Problem

back to the kiddie board with this video game garbage