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Re: Jeff Cox knows stuff

I'm not a parent, but hockey is filled with too many of his ilk. Like I said before, he isn't a scout and needs to stop pretending to be one.
So let him pretend if he wants. Why should you, I or anybody else care. He enjoys it and somehow is making a go of it. If your kid were mentioned you likely would not come on here to say anything, independent of what you thought of JC. It is a list, an opinion an observation.

Local hockey is a strange/unique community. Yes, there is a lot of politics. More so then most other youth sports because of it being a niche with few opportunities and unique structure.

Best thing to say to your kid is , " Pay no attention to those list. Keep working hard, believe in yourself and you can go as far as you want" Nothing wrong with dreaming big.

Think of all the great stories in sports about athletes overcoming adversity and pushing on. For every Tim Thomas, Tom Brady, MJ, etc there are a thousand times more athletes whose ceilings were much lower but through big dreams, hard work, determination reached THEIR POTENTIAL! IMHO that is what it is all about

Re: Jeff Cox knows stuff

REAL hockey people know a lot happens between 14 and 18. Things change, for the better and worse!

Re: Jeff Cox knows stuff

Sorry your kids play this weekend didn’t get him a cox shoutout

Re: Jeff Cox knows stuff

First off, ***** and moan all you want but the guy aint going anywhere. He'll be doing this long after your kid has aged out of hockey so chill. No one has their opportunities limited by tweets or one paragraph writeups.

Second, all evaluations are subjective from mini-mite tyrouts through NHL drafts. No one agrees. Get used to it, especially if your kids good/draftable. If he is, you and he better develop some thick skin because everyone has an opinion.

Re: Jeff Cox knows stuff

Oh no! he posted a list of the top 02 and 04 players in the north east! So much crying tonight

Re: Jeff Cox knows stuff

No 03 list?

Re: Jeff Cox knows stuff

Sorry...there really aren't any good 03's in New England....

Re: Jeff Cox knows stuff