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Re: First year

Well the first year played out as expected. Barely any commits at all. It wasn\\'t free at all. Tuition was free but you had to pay for equipment, housing, travel, pucks, you name it.
Nothing but a marketing ploy.
I doubt that the USHL did much better its first year. Clearly you have a vested interest in knocking the NCDC. Otherwise why would you spend so much time doing so? [Maybe your kid got cut?] Its better/cheaper than prep and will only improve as they figure things out.
My son plays in the NAHL. Do you really think he would have been cut from any of these $hit organizations?
If he's on a local NAHl team and he's not one of their stars, yeah he might have been cut from a few of them. What's clear is he's definitely not good enough for the USHL. So I guess it makes you feel better about that is to bash the NCDC? Just keep in mind there are people whose kids play in the USHL or Canadian Major Juniors who wouldn't wipe their a$$ with a NAHL jersey. Being 3rd Tier doesn't make your kid much better than 4th Tier.
USHL & Major Junior is a huge jump from NAHL. I can at least admit it. NAHL admits it is Tier 2. Doesn't claim to be Tier 1 or Major Junior. The issue I take with NCDC is they didn't like what USA Hockey told them that they are not Tier 2. They decided to claim "free" when its all smoke & mirrors. I know many college coaches who don't wanna even be seen around these games or showcases. They know they need the USHL and NAHL which ARE USA Hockey.