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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: ISL Rules

It's happened so I guess ISL is the real world too.

Re: ISL Rules

Previous rule limited the number of varsity players on a 1/2 season team that a standing varsity coach could coach
from their respective varsity team.
The current ISL rule prohibits a Varsity coach from coaching any of their varsity players outside of the winter season.
Some ISL coaches had successfully argued that a given coach would have an unfair advantage.
That being said, a coach can petition the ISL AD's to allow for an exception.
Bottom line, the AD's want to know in advance and have granted exceptions.

Re: ISL Rules

Don't really need the varsity coach to "coach". Cushing puts almost their entire team in the hands of the Eastern MA Senators. Kids skate together, under a different coach, but I'm sure the team follows the program of the Cushing Varsity coach (see quote from EMS website). "One of our tryout camps will be held at Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Ma. Our Senators 18 & 16 Tier I teams will be based out of Cushing Academy with all of our practices and home games taking place there. The tryout dates & times for those specific teams for ALL Players will be on Thursday, April 12th @ 5:00pm @ Cushing Academy & Saturday April 14th @ 12:00pm @ Cushing Academy."

Re: ISL Rules

Cushing is not an ISL team.

Re: ISL Rules

Sorry - my bad. To me prep school is prep school no matter what 'league' they belong to. If they don't allow post grads then why not just play amongst themselves instead of playing against the NEPSAC schools that do allow post grads?

Re: ISL Rules

Because there is no difference between repeating and PGing from a hockey standpoint and playing across leagues is good for competition.