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Re: My son missing the NAHL Combine got him Five Main Camp invites

that is mentioned above. Much better than paying 12k plus. paying for billet covers the cost of what a 18,19,20 year old eat per month anyways.

Re: My son missing the NAHL Combine got him Five Main Camp invites

don\'t believe the invite was for the main camp. NAHL is free to play and they attract players from all over the world. if your kid can do well enough and catch a break, hopefully will be invited to the main camp. From there very difficult to make the roster.
You are missing the point!!!! He never went to the NAHL Combine. He had to drop out, but because his name was on the list he still got invites to their team camps because of
" How Well He Played" and " How their scouts were impressed with his skills".

Yes, you are correct it is a pay to attend camp with a chance to get an invite to the main camp but again that was not the point.

He may very well go next year as we think the NAHL is an excellent path but again, " Buyer Beware". Notorious Fundraiser. Misleading people into believing they are actually interested in your kid.
I don't think they are misleading anyone. They simply describe the process. People mislead themselves. The league delivered exactly what they promised, and it's a little unfair to criticize the league for selling what the market will buy.

I do have one question, though. What do you think caused your kid to be attractive enough to teams that they picked him off of the list of 360 players to include him in main camp invites? Registration form was pretty limited, and they didn't require a hockey resume. I'm wondering what kind of data mining the teams/league did.

Was he a USHL Phase 1 / 2 draft pick? Be honest. :)