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Re: Commitments

Does anyone remember their 14-15 year old body compared to their 18-19-20 year old body! I went from 5' 9 to 6' 2 in that time frame. This is nuts, to prove the point they should have an annual commitment game series with teams made by birth year. Lets see these 03 College Commitments play the 02 or 01 College Commitments. You can say it wouldn't be fair, but these "little guys" are taking the same spots these "big guys" want. Doesn't make sense to have that game just like it doesn't make sense to commit a kid who cant drive a car yet.
A commitment isn't taking a spot. Means nothing any more - well, very little. Couple of years ago the decommit rate was one in eight. I'm sure it has to be close to one in four by the time that 2000 wave hits college this year and next, and will only accelerate from there.

And those decommits are by both sides. If a kid develops more than projected, Bemidji, MN doesn't seem that attractive any more when U of Michigan comes calling. If he doesn't develop, Bemidji State will say Buh Bye!

Re: Commitments

If you look around, a lot of very experienced hockey people don't bother pursuing a commitment or accepting one for their own kid(s). Agree it only puts a target on a kid and most agreements are pretty meaningless. And who hows what college is a good fit for a 12 year old...heck, we still weighing offers for our daughter and she needs to sign by May 1st of this year!