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HNIB Grade 8 and 9

Is it worth it?

Re: HNIB Grade 8 and 9

Think about it. Anyone can sign up for it now and it's no longer invite only which means you can have a wide range of talent playing. Back in the day when it was invite only it was good. Now it's just another summer tourney...

Re: HNIB Grade 8 and 9

Depends on what you are looking for. It's not the "high end" that is used to be as invite only but it still has reasonable talent level, good coaches, well run and you do see 8th graders & their families in talks with coaches if they are good. Not getting directly recruited but starting a dialog so that's not a bad thing. Downside, you can see some really selfish play as kids are trying to stand out from the crowd, especially on teams full of individual sign ups.

Re: HNIB Grade 8 and 9

based on last years rosters, it a benderfest with a few good kids sprinkled in. Certainly not TPE or crimson level of comp.

Re: HNIB Grade 8 and 9

it's BS, all my HS freshman got "invited"