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Re: NCAA "Early Commitments" Rule Change

i think the (college) coaches fully support this. they are more than likely exhausted by \\\'middle school parents\\\' asking them to check out their child.
Geez. The article clearly says that won\\\'t stop.

\\\"Although the new rules prevent college coaches from discussing recruiting until a prospect\\\'s junior year, younger student-athletes can and surely still will contact college coaches early and often. Similarly, and perhaps just as significantly, college coaches may still discuss a prospect - including the recruiting process - with the student-athlete\\\'s high school or club coach.\\\"

Skimmed it, did you?
Haha, oops!
fine i will clarify:

"college coaches will NOT [emphasis added] be able to discuss recruiting with a prospect, IN PERSON [emphasis added], until Sept. 1 of a potential recruit's junior year."

you can do a dozen of calls in a day, but try that in person.
I'm a youth hockey coach and I do a dozen calls plus text plus emails daily, related to hockey!