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Re: New Elite 03 League out of Foxboro

They have found a way to print money at FSC with these leagues. They just add a league each year and make it sound

Two years ago my kid joined the HS League. "Non-checking." 4 of the first 5 games ended in a brawl due to HS rivalries that the Daddy Coaches encouraged.

He also was "invited" to join the High End League after SSK tryouts, which was great - mostly top prep players. So, we signed up again last year, not knowing they had started a new "invite only" league. All the Prep kids left HEL, and were replaced by 14 year old HS players. They also gave that league the later ice, so now we were forced to fight rush hour traffic to get there to play the equivalent of shinny hockey.

I LIKE the coaches of the Midget and Junior programs. I think they are honorable people, and that's hard to find. And I have no issue with people figuring out a way to make money. As long as they aren't stealing it by promoting a product that isn't what they say it is.