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Re: BB&N Boys Varsity Hockey

BBN Parent
BB&N is more concerned with ensuring that all the students understand what a Transgender is. Football is the only truly competitive sport...Coach Willey is outstanding!
The school is run by elitist liberals who could care less if they had a hockey team.The hockey coach resigned because he could not get his recruits into the school. BB&N is not like the rest of the ISL, they will not waive the academic standard for anyone. The basketball team suffers the same fate, coach recruits several kids to come play, they can't meet the standard and they get denied.
The education at this school is second to none, however you will have to to deal with the EXTREMELY liberal view of the world that is presented to the kids. The Headmaster literally cried on stage when Trump was elected......REALLY! If your child has any sort of conservative voice and wants to attend BB&N, I would suggest a parent instruct the child to keep his views to himself. The teachers do not look favorably on anyone who views the world through a conservative lens.
This school is trying to "normalize" Transgenders......they recently had a Transgender athlete come speak at an all school assembly. WHY???? Hockey is not even on the radar......many kids are leaving the school because of the current situation.
Is this news to anyone? I mean, the school is in Cambridge. What were you expecting?

Re: BB&N Boys Varsity Hockey

Different rules with football? They seem yto have some traction in Football

Re: BB&N Boys Varsity Hockey

Different rules with football? They seem yto have some traction in Football
Giving $1 of scholarship for NE Prep football is a waste. Nobody goes to the games, and the scholarship athletes just run over the skinny rich kids. Basketball, too.

Let the rest of the country have the football players. Bring the best hockey players to NE.