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Re: QMJHL Draft

Why so few American players drafted? I assume they must have shown interest in the league at some point? Sorry, new to this.
QMJHL is an interesting one for sure. US players usually dont take that route due to the fact they will lose NCAA eligibility if they sign with a QMJHL team. That being said the QMJHL draft has to take into consideration the odds of an American player taking that route over the NCAA route and draft accordingly. Players with NCAA verbal commitments will drop them since they are seen as carrying way more risk and less likely to report to a QMJHL team since they are seen to want to play college hockey. Players that arent committed to NCAA teams may be seen as more viable picks as they may be more open to heading up north to play. Teams tend to take a stab at US player and hope sometime down the road the NCAA route doesnt look as promising then the Q route looks better...Charlie Coyle took the NCAA then QMJHL route. Adam Erne took the QMJHL route and didnt go NCAA route at all. Different paths for everyone.
I don't follow the rules that closely but I seem to recall they have a requirement to have a certain number of US players rostered. But I've also heard it isn't a level playing field for U.S. players.

Then there's that French thing.
Teams must draft 2 american players but I am not sure why since there are not required to roster any american players. Pure fact is the QMJHL isnt as attractive as the OHL or WHL in other parts of the country for US kids. French thing is a huge factor. If you are a Michigan kid the OHL is a great viable alternative if you arent a great student and dont want the NCAA route. The Q's region of New England is tough since NCAA hockey is huge here and kids dont want to go to a French speaking area and lose NCAA eligibility.

Re: QMJHL Draft

If you look at most of the American kids selected this weekend in the QMJHL draft it is the high end kids. If the league does not mandate their teams to make two American draft picks then these kids have the option of playing in the OHL or WHL as they are considered free agents. By mandating that each team to select two Americans. This keeps the option of top New England players possibly going to the Q while keeping them from heading to London or Portland and strengthening those other leagues. While it is not advantageous for the kids, it keeps the possibility of strengthening their league with the New England kids.