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Re: Contacting Schools

OP here. Thanks for all the stories about some tall D-man. My kid decided to reach out to some schools, and has actually received 2 responses, both asking where he will be this summer, but its a start.

Re: Contacting Schools

Good luck. You need to stay in front of them because if you don't do it 20-30 others will.

Re: Contacting Schools

Great story. I like stories. So a kid who wasn\'t good enough to play public HS hockey until his senior year in HS is now a USHL player and a D1 prospect. Yeah, ok. So what\'s the kids name?
Most hockey people in the area know who the kid is. I saw him play at the Garden. In all fairness he was something like 5'8" and about 150 pounds and then his senior year he shows up as 6'3" or 6'4" and about 190 pounds. Pretty dominate defensemen. He was always a very good skater and the local junior programs were all over him. He was smart kid and didn't feel like playing anymore. To each their own.
Let's say the story is true. That kid (if he exists) is the exception that proves the rule.
He's an anomaly. He does not prove that any random kid with heart can jump onto a coaches radar late and get an offer.