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Re: Off-Ice training

We spend \\\\\\\$17 per workout from a hockey specific trainer in a small group setting. Trainer is awesome and pushes the kids pretty hard. It\\\\\\\'s helped a hell of a lot more than doing some push-ups in the basement! There is a point where you need this if the kid is playing any sort of decent level of hockey. He needs to be pushed in the weight room and to also learn proper form and technique. Don\\\\\\\'t be fooling yourself that he is working hard enough and pushing himself
You are correct, doing a full workout helps more than doing pushups in the basement, where did anyone say to just do push-ups? So \\\$17.00 3x a week is \\\$51.00 x 12 weeks is \\\$612.00. In those 12 weeks did his first step get better, is he more solid on his feet, did he gain a few pounds, is he more flexible than he was in week 1?

What do you get for the \\\$612.00? Have you watched these workouts? I bet its Push/Pull sequence for arms and legs (Push ups, Pull Ups, Squat, Split lunge) then core (Plank/side Plank/ Crunch)then balance then stretch. Do they even do Deadlift? So you see, all of the same exercises done at home for free isn\\\'t a bad idea. Hitting all the same muscle groups as your \\\"instructor\\\" hits. Also remember, if the player is 14-16, you are still building an Athlete not just a hockey player so keep the focus on overall strength not just hockey specific movements, there will be plenty of time for that as they grow.

In our gym we have groups come in all the time- Push the sled, sprint back and forth, box jump on 1 leg. Waste of time for a 14-16 year old. Focus on building the foundation and staying on balance, he will be a better athlete. Good luck. (And I didn\\\'t even charge you the \\\$17.00)
Yes, last week he did 400 lb deadlifts. It\'s a fantastic workout and I have seen it.

He\'s a much better player from the workouts and has a lifelong appreciation for working out at a gym now.

He\'s bigger and stronger and better as a player because of it. Best \$600 I spend every summer.
Good for him! Love it when Athletes are Athletes. What facility do you use? Do you use an instructor? Asking because most don't let 14-16 year olds deadlift more than 2 plates at a time. Keep growing!
He is a little older than that. 18 and just finished high school last week.

That might have something to do with them letting some of the older kids lift a little more.