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Re: Neutral Zone

As a Scout it is a good tool. Just like RinkNet. It doesn't dictate a persons opinion but can be used as a guide to look at a players improvement and development. Any resource that has consistent content from sources you trust (that is the key) are good sources for scouts to use as a reference point.
And AHR. And USHR. I'm sure there are others. Everyone's trying to make a couple of bucks mining data.

As a parent (I assume that was the vantage point you were looking at it from), I don't think you need to concern yourself with these reports. If you are curious, pay the $20 and take a look periodically, then cancel.

I did that recently because I knew there was a new write-up on my kid. Got it, sent it to his skills coach, and they built some drills to address the specific elements of his game they noted. I also gave it to my kid, he found it motivating, because they said some positive things, too. :)

So it was worth my $20.