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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Twitter post about Mass kids drafted into the NHL this weekend

That is laughable. The entire subject should make every coach and hockey writer blush with embarrassment. Seven N.E. kids drafted. SEVEN! OUT OF 217!!! And then they go and point out that "Oh look, the entire class of seven really didn't venture out and play full season tier III junior hockey. . . we as coaches should view this as a feather in out collective caps." Puke in my mouth . . .maybe it's because not many NHL Draft picks come out of Tier III Junior programs, that's all we have and we are proud of it? 7 out of 217....let that sit with you a while.

Re: Twitter post about Mass kids drafted into the NHL this weekend

Oh god Jamie, get over yourself already. It’s become a global game and if you looked at the stats the bulk of the draft picks came from outside North America this year.

Full season has been popular for like three years now. If anything this is an embarrassment to prep schools. Give Dull Season a little time. And please remove USPHL from this discussion. U16 and u18 are for HS rejects. Midwest or nothing. Sorry, but the truth. Hockey around here bad at older ages. All because of money grab.

With high school hockey getting worse and worse the trend is full season, and the trend is to play teams outside this area to play against better competition and get better exposure. I know three kids who stuck with their D1 public program and it killed him. Fell off the radar, skills got rusty and bad habits playing a slower paced kill the guy game, and they went from potential to nothing.

A lot of prep schools require three sports. So they take a gifted hockey player who hates soccer and makes them stand on the field for three months instead of doing something they love. Pretty stupid.

The outcome of 7 is the byproduct of bad HS and Prep situations and coaching. Not across the board, but many.

Get off your develop athletes high horse. Times of changed. The days of smoking butts and drinking beers in the locker room and not working out in the off-season are over.

The irony is that the local college coach who probably posted this only takes older junior players that are one sport athletes and skate all year round.