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Re: BC High

Correct, anyone can get in there, and they do. Write the check and done.

As far as spiritually and faith? Come on man. Catholisiam is a highly corrupt business, that’s all. Very hypocritical, outdated belief system.

Watch the movie Spotlight numb nuts. I was there in the mid-80s. Very accurate depiction of what took place. Lotta men in the Boston area walking around with wide bungholes because of the brutal denial and coverups of wacko priests and the institution as a whole. Still happens today. Brainwashed folks still willing to support the corrupt institution because they can’t think for themselves and the Irish Catholic guilt engrained in them! Basic lemmings!

Anyone supporting the Catholic church and its associations these days is either dumb or one of the corrupt ones.

It's called being parochial, just like the whole Boston area.

Re: BC High

If I lived in bad school district, private school would be needed. However a good public school systems have great paths for self motivated individuals with honors/AP classes/Other specialty clubs. In Arlington, students who go onto college are 90%+, with many going to Ivy, Top 20 and Top 50. The way things are going I would not consider Catholic schools for hockey, it is either prep at a steep discount if my son is good enough to earn that or our public if he can make the team.

Re: BC High

Nothing worse than the Irish Catholic with their head burried in the sand!

Re: BC High

Don't think about Arlington. Coach Messuri is trying to find a private school for his own son. Unfortunately there is no interest from any school