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Re: Team CT II

All star teams , hmmmmmm. Lots of 860 and 203 area code boys playing Thursday afternoon. Does anyone really think these were the top players up there?

Re: Team CT II

Shocker! Just another fund raising camp being run by a bunch of overweight, non qualified, former HS hockey and DIII players turned "coaches", many of whom have been stealing people's money down in CT for years! Everybody rides! The sad thing is, there's no shortage of parents being duped by these losers ... over and over again! Some who can't even afford to spend the $700 on top of it but the fear of missing out is far too much to overcome. Can't wait for Natty list to come out ... should be a heavy CT presence given the Mid Fairfield and Yale influence on this money maker!

Suggestion for next year ... just hold the **** thing in CT and save everyone some time and gas money.

Re: Team CT II

Forget the player roster ... it would be nice to see a full run down of the "coaches" and "evaluators" at this event who are earning a little extra spending money for thier summer vacations! You should easily be able to back into rosters from there.

Its all a big sham folks and it will go on long after you're kids have moved on to other things.

Re: Team CT II

Who was the ***** guy in the corner acting like he owned CT hockey?

Re: Team CT II

Who was the ***** guy in the corner acting like he owned CT hockey?
Tommy Boy. When he’s not trying to be seen in the lobby like he really IS important, you can find him near the snack stand slamming down a pastrami nightmare ... or two!