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Re: U 16 Nat Camp

MA already has two players on the National team at this level, DC and MB. This Camp is for a second tier team. Next week MA has several promising 2003s competing for slots in the NTDP program.
Pretty good spin considering the 01 class produced four kids and the 02 just the two
The 01 MA class placing 4 kids on the NTDP an anomaly and not the norm. The 99 MA class has zero. The 00 MA class really had 1 player (other player was really from Maine but listed as Mass) on the NTDP. The 02 MA class has 2. Add in the growth of hockey in non-traditional areas and the explosion of players (195K playing in 1991 vs 562K playing in 2017) and its more difficult for states to place multiple players into the NTDP. Getting one or two kids from MA on the team is the norm.