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Re: U16 USPHL Summer Showcase

You think 16 year olds are washed up? There’s no development from 16 on? If an 03 at 15 can’t make it to the National Festival, they don’t make the cut? There’s no good players who are not National Festival invitees? So there’s only 10-15 or so quality players each in Mass, NE, NY, NJ/Eastern PA, just to name the neighboring USA Hockey Districts? If an 04 8th grader who doesn’t yet have SS, HS, CC or prep options can play with older players and is given the opportunity to do so, they shouldn’t? For all their ages, we’re still talking about kids. You should look up how much turnover there is from year to year in who is selected from the various districts to the USA Hockey Festival. Around 50%.
Great point.. you beat me to it. Cheers!