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Re: The Horse’s Mouth...

Plenty of D-I opportunities in NE without relocating, primarily from the prep school route because it tends to attract the best players, but also from all the other routes discussed. Keep in mind many players with D-I commitments had that commitment or were on the radar before they got to prep or a midget team.

Yeah but to elevate your game you need to move. Sad but true. Prep hockey is pretty weak and the teams know it. Plus the number of games, coaching, competition, age range and about 10 other factors make is an unfair comparison. Were you watching when the kid from Thayer got drafted and the announcers all went over how it was a reach because the kid played 'weak east coast high school hockey.' Something they would never say about the USHL.
Pretty much sums it up IMO:

- Know your kids skill level/ceiling/work ethic. Problem is most parents are delusional.

For the top 5% of players:
- If he has D1 player potential - 99% of parents/kids will know it by the time they turn 15.
- If he is on path for D1 he probably makes a top 10 prep team as freshman would be one such indicator.
- Player then plays prep for 3 seasons and heads to USHL.
- USHL for a year or two then onto D1 program.

For the other 95% of the players:
- Some play prep, some play Tier 1 and then go to D3 or a low jr for a few years.

Re: The Horse’s Mouth...

All true'ish for forwards. Defensemen on a totally different track and you hardly know what you have until the kid is fully grown / 18'ish

Re: The Horse’s Mouth...

All true'ish for forwards. Defensemen on a totally different track and you hardly know what you have until the kid is fully grown / 18'ish
Ehhh....Dman take a little bit longer but you have a good grasp on potential around 15-16 years old. Skating ability, IQ...size projection. Caveat is the new puck moving dman that is all the rage...essentially a 4th forward on the ice that is a good skater that can skate backwards and play some D is a plus. Way too many parents cling on to the "late bloomer" hope - does it happen - sure - but its also rare for a kid to all of sudden explode. If the kid goes from 5'10 to 6'4 now your talking but once again the parent should have a clue on the expected size/skill at that point.

Re: The Horse’s Mouth...

Agree, many 14-15 year old defensemen commits fizzle-out before adulthood. D-3 hockey is FULL of 'the best peewee defensemen in youth hockey.'

Agree too the little 'puck moving dman' is quite a novelty these days but watch teams through midgets / high school / juniors try to win with these guys, it's almost impossible. Even some D-1 programs like B.C. deploy these players because they're the rage but in reality they are finding-out what a liability they are defensively. Most teams need one to quarterback the p.p. and defend coming back if needed on the p.p. and the rage has made teams think they need one on the ice every shift and in almost every case it has been disastrous (look at the Bruins in the playoffs even trying to survive with Krug & Grzelcyk).

So if teams in actuality need one pint-sized 'puck moving defensemen' then they need 5 who can actually play defense, skate, have a reach, defend, play a bit physically and who's first instinct is to defend. As such the 85% of the D-1 kids have to be +6'2" 'ish and the best skater on their team coming up. Not just a 'plus skater' but one that clearly stands out among his peers. Not easy to project on a 14-15 year old as size and skating can change dramatically. One of the best defenders I scouted in the past 5-6 years didn't make his D-I high school varsity team as a freshmen, was totally overlooked because he was too small and by his senior year he was 6'3" and maybe the best skater in his age group and dominated in tournaments against the better local competition.

Re: The Horse’s Mouth...

Sounds like the w****'s mouth...

Re: The Horse’s Mouth...

Fizzle out and fade away factor huge. Keeping pace with development and the desire is hard for a lot of them.

Re: The Horse’s Mouth...

True that -

" D-3 hockey is FULL of 'the best peewee defensemen in youth hockey.' "