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Re: Why D-I?

I took my son to an NCCA tournament game in 2015 - winner went to Frozen 4. He left there and said \"I want that to be me some day\" as his dream. Everything he has done since has been done to try to get to that level. Took him to some D3 games that just didn\'t have the same effect. NESCAC schools are great - some other D3 schools are great also. I just don\'t think a kid lying in bed at night is dreaming of winning the NESCAC, but they sure are dreaming about a Hockey East Title / NCAA birth, etc.
Great story.

I can relate. I once flew private back and forth to Kauai for 2 weeks and stayed in a 20 million dollar home with a cook and housekeepers when I was in college. I remember saying, that's how I want to live when I am older. I studied hard and worked towards a masters as well. I consider myself fairly successful.

(I don't fly private)

But if private was offered to you and was an option, you'd fly private right??

The kid I am talking about has received offers and is pursuing it as he should be.