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Re: Coaches mailing it in....

Jesus, we may be on the same team? Last year we had two people leave mid season for same reason, more defections this year. Simple. Go. From what you described, you need a new situation. Get away from the door openers ASAP. Unless the kid is happy and complacent and you won’t leave the team short handed, go to other team as full time player and make whatever practices and games you can for current team. A new environment at this age would probably be great for the kid. Just make sure to be up front and honest with the coach.

Parting thought. NO, I mean NO Dad should be coaching beyond u14. Don’t care who they are.

Be smarter moving forward fella.....

Re: Coaches mailing it in....

Our coach on his boat this weekend as well. Every midget hockey player in New England is playing this weekend except our team