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When will it stop?

I saw this on Twitter today and must agree with it. Too many organizations are throwing together teams in the name of the almighty dollar and end up watering down events with players who are one step away from the beer leagues. The words "Premier," "Elite," and "Tier 1" are thrown around without any concern over the players' actual skill level. The parents are getting ripped off and the perps need to be thrown in jail.

"To summarize how out of control midget hockey is in New England, the following teams are at Tier 1 Labor Day Face Off:
- Junior Bruins USPHL
- Little Bruins
- Junior Bruins (Bohan)
- Junior Bruins Fall Gold
- Junior Bruins Fall Black
- GBL Bruins

But it's all about the kids..."

Re: When will it stop?

GBL Bruins are not a part of the same org. Pat Bohan is also GBL Bruins. Scratch them both off, not part of the same org. Just share a name.

Little Bruins are U18 half season, Junior Bruins Black and Gold are U19 half season. These are mostly Prep kids that probably would have been in the NEFPL a few years ago, but that went south in a hurry. Half season typically starts Labor Day.

So, you're left with one FS org that decided to enter a pre-season tournament.

Not sure I'm understanding the problem.

Re: When will it stop?

My kid plays on the Jr Lil Bruins Half decaf black prep team