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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: When to jump to Prep

My advice...

If your kid was good enough to play at ISL level you would know by know. I don't say that to be mean, just realty.

Best model is...

9th grade and 10th grade at a Catholic Prep School

then - YOU will know how good your player is and you can either stay or if they are very good

Go to ISL school and repeat 10th grade.

Gives you options.

I know of 3 players from our D-I HS teams who have gone on to prep, both ISL and non ISL and their parents marketed the heck out of them to coaches during their junior seasons. As parents, unless you have a background in scouting, you are probably the worst judges of talent.

Re: When to jump to Prep

If you are making this on a hockey decision, let him be successful where he is and then "attempt" to jump to USHL or NAHL. Prep does not guarantee anything when it comes to hockey, however, he will get an amazing experience and education, that can't be disputed.